Thursday, 6 August 2015

Radiation Therapy Treatment In Madurai

Guru Cancer Center Madurai introduced  Advanced Radiotherapy Unit. Dr.Balamurugan is the managing director of guru multispeciality hospital. The radiotherapy unit is the first time in which a new advanced radiotherapy unit has introduced in Guru Cancer Center Madurai. The radiotherapy unit is works by the advanced Elekta Synergy System. This system is very fast and precise.This seems to be a very good opportunity for the cancer patients to face on the radiation therapy treatments.This advanced radiotherapy unit includes multiple imaging options and advanced registration tools to make the treatment more comfortable and precise.

Different Types of Radiation Therapy :
  • 3 Dimensional Radiotherapy
  • Conventional Radiotherapy
  • Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
  • Image Guided Radiotherapy
  • Volume Metric Radiotherapy
  • Electrons

The different types of radiation therapy prescribed by a radiation oncologist depends on many factors that are includes : 

  • The Type of Cancer
  • The Size of Cancer
  • The Cancer's Location in the body
  • How Close The Cancer is to Normal Tissues That Are Sensitive to Radiation
  • How far into the Body the Radiation Needs to Travel
  • Whether the Patient will Have other Types of Cancer Treatment.

Services :

  • Palliative radiation to relieve symptoms where cancer is incurable
  • Curative radiation alone or in conjunction with surgery and / or Chemotherapy

The multimodule and individualized approach to radiation therapy offers the best results. In the new advanced radiotherapy unit uses the Elekta synergy system, a high linear accelerator that is fast and precise.The multiple imaging options and advanced registration tools make the treatment highly effective.

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