Friday, 21 March 2014

Breast Reconstruction Helps Women Regain Their Dignity and Self-Esteem After Cancer

Surgical breast reconstruction is one of the most humane and useful operative applications in the plastic surgery industry. For women who have endured the loss of a breast, the trauma is extensive and affects the mind, body and spirit equally. Reconstruction mammoplasty, as it is typically called by doctors, can repair or replace damaged or missing breasts due to a wide range of causation and can also restore the psycho-emotional health of the recipient to provide true mind body healing.

The procedure involves creating a breast mound with a nipple and areola; and the opposite breast can be matched to the reconstructed one by way of augmentation, reduction or lifting. There is no age limit for the procedure and choice for reconstruction depends on the affected woman. But the woman should be physically capable of withstanding a major surgical procedure.

There are many options for reconstructive mammaplasty, using prosthetic breast implants, as well as completely organic tissue approaches. While implant based breast reconstruction remains the most popular and successful procedure, some women prefer to harvest their own natural bodily tissue to rebuild a lost breast. The three main techniques used to accomplish this goal include the TRAM flap method, the LD flap procedure and the free tissue graft.
In all three techniques, the nipple and areola are constructed in the second stage after the body heals from the first stage procedure. The nipple is formed using skin graft while the areola is created using the skin from the inner and upper thigh. This skin is pigmented and textured to give it a realistic appearance.

Dr.S.G.Balamurugan, M.S, M.Ch is a surgical oncologist, with expertise in early detection and prevention of cancer.
He has done numerous flap surgeries with a very high amount of precesion. As result of this, patients that had undergone breast reconstruction recovered very quickly.
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