Monday, 10 December 2018

How Can Hodgkin Lymphoma(Cancer Of Lymphatic System) Be Treated?

Hodgkin lymphoma is a particular kind of cancer that is caused due to malfunctioning of lymphocytes also known as white blood cells. These white blood cells help to fight against different types of infections. The immunity system gets hampered drastically if the blood cells stop working. So now let's focus on how cancer affects our body. The lymphoma cells start growing abnormally in the lymph nodes that appear in the upper parts of the body like neck, armpits or chest. If not treated in the right stage it can spread through the lymph system towards the liver, bone marrow and lungs. 


Symptoms of lymphoma that are found in most cases

  • Painless swelling lymph nodes near the chest, neck, armpits and abdomen.
  • Uncertain fever.
  • A certain feeling of fullness in the abdomen area.
  • Fatigue.
  • Trouble while coughing or breathing.
  • Unexplained, weight-loss and night sweats.
  • Unexplained vomiting or digestion problem.
Sometimes people also feel a pain in the lymph nodes while consuming alcohol. If you find any of these unexplained symptoms, immediately consult a doctor!

What diagnosis process is followed?

In the very first place tests like MRI, PET, ultrasound, X-Ray and CT scan are conducted to locate the lump. Next, a bone marrow test is conducted to check the presence of cancer cells.


Treatment options available at Guru Hospitals

Guru Hospital is such a destination where you will get every possible suggestion related to cancer. Since years it has been providing the best treatment for lymphoma in India. Apart from the common surgical process chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy, targeted therapies and immunotherapy are conducted by our experts to stop the spreading of the cancer cells and treat them completely.

A multi-speciality hospital located in Madurai brings you world-class cancer treatment that will help you to lead a better life after the treatment. Generally, chemotherapies are quite hectic, but our team makes no stone unturned to provide every possible comfort to our patients. 

To know more about Hodgkin lymphoma treatment, contact us now!

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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Different Treatment Options For Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the commonest cancers and is also the leading contributor to cancer-related mortality, resulting in 1.40 million cancer deaths per year globally. It accounts for 15 per cent of all new cancer cases and 20 per cent of all cancer-related deaths worldwide. In India, lung cancer constitutes 10 per cent of all cancer related deaths in both sexes and 7 per cent of all new cancer cases.

What are the treatment options for lung cancer?

Guru Hospital provides different treatment options for lung cancer. It includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, cryotherapy, and photodynamic therapy.



Surgical treatment for Lung cancer is an option for patients depending on the type, stage and location of their cancer as well as other medical conditions. The surgery for lung cancer will take away the tumour together with some nearby lung tissues. When the cancer is localized and unlikely to have spread, then removing the tumour with lung cancer surgery is considered the best option. This includes carcinoid tumours and early stage non-small cell lung cancers. 


Photodynamic therapy:

Photodynamic therapy (also called PDT or light activating treatment) is a bronchoscopy procedure and uses a photosensitizer and laser irradiation to produce reactive oxygen in cells to destroy cancer cells and treat symptomatic tissues. Photodynamic therapy is a good option for treating bronchoscopically visible lung cancers that haven't spread beyond the lungs. As an endobronchial therapy, Photodynamic therapy is used to treat roentgenographically occult, endobronchial, or synchronous primary carcinomas.



Also called Cryosurgery. This is a technique, that kills cancer cells by freezing them. In this technique extreme cold is produced by liquid nitrogen (or argon gas).  Hollow steel probes (Cryoprobes) are placed inside the region affected by cancer. Through the probes, liquid nitrogen is then circulated which freezes the cancer cells, creating a ball of ice crystals around the probe. Finally, heated nitrogen is circulated through the probes once adequate ice crystals are formed. After the procedure, the frozen tissue thaws, dissolves and either it forms a scab (for external tumours) or it is naturally absorbed by the body (for internal tumours). Cryosurgery is minimally invasive so pain, bleeding, and other complications of surgery are minimized. Cryosurgery is also less expensive than other treatments and requires a shorter hospital stay and shorter recovery time.


Radiation therapy or radiotherapy:

Radiotherapy treatment delivers high-energy x-rays that can annihilate rapidly dividing cancer cells. In addition to destroying the tumour cells, radiotherapy can help to relieve some of the symptoms the tumour causes such as shortness of breath. Radiotherapy is used alone or combined with chemotherapy depending on the condition of patients. 



This involves usage of cytotoxic (anti-cancer) drugs that are toxic to cancer cells. This is used to slow or stop the growth of rapidly dividing cancer cells in the body. It is considered as primary treatment option to destroy or shrink the tumor before starting another treatment.

Guru Multispecialty Hospital, Madurai is a multispecialty hospital which has an all-inclusive cancer care center with state-of-the-art technologies. This is one of the leading centres for Lung cancer cure therapy in Tamil Nadu – with an exceptional commitment to provide outstanding cancer care to everyone in need. They are offering the best lung cancer treatment in India for all types of lung cancers with highly qualified doctors efficient in Lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. In addition to being the largest cancer center in Tamil Nadu, Guru Hospital also functions as a top-notch research hub and training centre in oncology.
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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Fight Lung Cancer With Hormonal Therapy

Studies show that the number of patients suffering from lung cancer has increased in the recent years, many of them being smokers. But there are non-smokers involved in this category too. There are many reasons for it. The hormones are one among them and that is why hormonal therapy is gradually being a popular treatment.

Hormonal therapy for cancer in Madurai

Hormonal therapy


There are some hormones that promote the growth of cancer cells whereas some help in slowing down the growth of cancer. Hormone therapy involves medications that block the cancer cells from receiving the hormones they need. In such a therapy hormones can be added or prevented to curb the growth of cancer cells. The doctor usually combines Hormone therapy with other treatments to produce better results.


Hormone therapy for Lung Cancer


Recent studies and data show that the hormones play a vital role in lung cancer especially in female patients. Female hormones like estrogen and progesterone receptors have been found in lung cancer cell lines and in tumors too. Er, receptor β-estradiol has been found in tumors several times. Due to these developments, hormonal therapy is being suggested by doctors worldwide. An estrogen replacement therapy is an example of the hormone treatment that can be performed to restrict cancer growth. 

Recent developments show that women undergoing hormonal therapy show a better survival duration while combined estrogen and progesterone replacement therapy has brought in an even higher median survival rate. This applies to both the smoker and the non-smoker category.

Lung Cancer Treatment India

Cancer is definitely taking a toll on lives but the advent of technologies in medical science is bringing drastic changes by strengthening cancer treatments. And now the issue is about finding a comprehensive cancer care centre where you get systematic, efficient treatment at an affordable rate. 

Don't worry. We, at Guru Hospital, not only provide reliable treatments at reasonable prices but also make sure that you feel at home. Our team of experienced doctors leads by the very reputed Dr. S. Balamurugan have brought hundreds of patients back to life. We provide the best hormonal therapy for cancer in Madurai. Book an appointment at Guru Hospital for a fast recovery with the best lung cancer treatment in India.

Forget all your worries. Trust us. We are here to help you win the fight against Cancer. Best lung cancer cure therapy in Tamil Nadu is here...
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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A Relief for the Fighters

We all tense up when we hear the word "cancer". We all have heard and some of us might have even seen or experienced the miserable situations that cancer brings in. It takes a lot of strength, courage, and willpower to fight cancer. Cancer patients have to go through a lot of physical and mental trauma as a part of the treatments. This could demotivate the patients and affect them severely. It could test their willpower and the longing to survive the condition. All this will have a negative impact on the treatments. This sort of condition ought to be prevented but the question is how? Well, drugs aren't the solution to every problem. So, in such a situation physical therapy ought to be considered.

Physical therapy can help in improving the quality of life of cancer patients. Disability can be prevented by including physiotherapy led exercises. Physiotherapy can bring relief to cancer-related fatigue (CRF), pain, nerve damage, lymphedema, and incontinence etc.

Physiotherapy can alleviate or reduce a lot of cancer-related issues like:
  • Pain related to cancer treatments are very intense and distressing. Physiotherapy can bring a great relief by working with the soft tissues via hands-on tissue release, modalities, strengthening and stretching and other strategies.
  • Cardiovascular activity can be affected during or even after cancer treatments. Physiotherapy will help you to recognize signs of deterioration in the activities and train you to achieve cardiovascular fitness through safe goals. 
  • Lymphadema is the excessive collection of lymphatic fluid in the tissue which creates swelling throughout the body, especially the limbs. Lymphadema is a common feature of treatment as cancer treatments usually target the lymph glands.  Physiotherapy helps in minimizing the effects of lymphedema and facilitates mobility.
Guru Multispeciality Hospital provides dedicated Cancer cure treatment in India and helps the patients fight and survive cancer. Visit Guru Multispeciality Hospital, physical Therapy center India delivering world-class services.

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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Proper Diagnosis And Treatment For Kidney Cancer

Kidney Cancer is a tumor that begins in the kidneys. Cancer begins when cells in the body start to become wild. Cells in almost any piece of the body can get to be disease and can spread to different ranges of the body. Kidney disease starts when sound cells in 1 or both kidneys change and become wild, shaping a mass called a renal cortical tumor. A tumor can be dangerous, slothful, or kind-hearted. A dangerous tumor is carcinogenic, which means it can develop and spread to different parts of the body. A lethargic tumor is additionally malignant, yet this sort of tumor once in a while spreads to different parts of the body. A considerate tumor implies the tumor can develop however won’t spread.

Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

The most widely recognized indication of kidney Cancer is blood in the pee, known as hematuria. Other conceivable kidney disease side effects may include:
  •  Persistent torment in the side of the midriff or the back, which is not the consequence of a damage.
  •  A mass or irregularity in the guts.
  •  Feeling exhausted.
  •  Unexplained, now and then fast, weight reduction.
  •  A fever that is not because of an ailment.


Kidney tumor diagnostics and treatment alternatives

At each of our healing facilities, you’ll find creative kidney malignancy medications and advancements all under one rooftop. Our kidney growth specialists utilize best in class analytic devices, including propelled imaging and lab tests, to assess kidney Cancer. This indicative assessment takes around three to five days.

At that point together, we build up a complete kidney growth treatment arrange for that works for you. Your individualized arrangement will incorporate propelled restorative medications and innovations, joined with integrative oncology administrations to help lessen symptoms and keep you solid in body, psyche and soul.

Guru cancer center, Madurai is the best cancer diagnosis and treatment center in Tamil Nadu. The center provides best treatment facilities and has experienced doctors to treat Kidney Cancer.  The clinic has an efficient and qualified team of doctors that provide cancer cure treatmentin india.
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Monday, 11 December 2017

Lung Cancer Types and Treatment

What is Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is the major cause of the cancer deaths in the world. The major risk factor for developing lung cancer is cigarette smoking. Passive smoking (passive exposure to smoke) is also causes lung cancer. 

Types of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer can occur in two types
  • Small cell lung cancer (SCLC)
  • Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). 

What are the treatments method used in lung cancer?

Treatment for lung cancer includes:

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Targeted drug therapy
  • Immunotherapy

What Treatment methods non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) includes?

The treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is different for each stage, it is depends on the patient health conditions. Guru Multispecialty Hospital, Madurai provides excellent treatment facilities for lung cancer.

Stage 1 NSCLC includes surgery to eliminate effected portion of the lung. Sometimes chemotherapy is also recommended. 

Stage 2 NSCLC includes elimination of full lung portion. Chemotherapy is also recommended in some cases.

Stage 3 NSCLC includes the combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Stage 4 NSCLC is hard to cure and includes surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

What types of surgeries is recommended in NSCLC?

NSCLC treatment may include following surgery types

  • Lobectomy
  • Segmentectomy
  • A wedge resection 
  • Pneumonectomy

What is radiation therapy?

Radiation therapy helps in destroying cancer cells by using high beam x-rays or other particles. Radiation oncologist is trained to give radiation therapy to cure cancer patients.

What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy uses drugs to eliminate cancer cells by blocking their ability to grow and divide. Chemotherapy is consisting of several sessions which are based of the cancer stage. Some drugs that are used in chemotherapy are carboplatin, docetaxel, paclitaxel, and vinorelbine. 

Guru Multispecialty Hospital, Madurai has all the advanced techniques and infrastructure to treat lung cancer. The hospital also provides best physiotherapy facilities.

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Don't Let Cancer eat your Stomach

When cancerous cell form in the lining of the stomach it is called stomach cancer. Stomach cancer is highly dangerous as it is difficult to diagnose at the early stage.

Signs & Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

It is very difficult to detect in the initial stage. But with the advancement of cancer, following symptoms arise:
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Frequent heartburn and indigestion
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Fluid accumulation in the stomach
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Stomach pain which worsens after meals
  • Bloody stool 
  • Jaundice 
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Anemia

Diagnosis & Treatment of Stomach Cancer

The disease can be diagnosed via physical exam, laboratory tests like blood and urine tests, imaging procedures such as X-ray and CT scans and genetic tests. The treatment aims to cure cancer and prevents its spreading to other parts of the body.

The main treatments for stomach cancer includes:
Chemotherapy: It is a treatment method using chemical drugs called cytotoxic medicines to stop rapidly growing cancer cells from multiplying. These medicines travel throughout the patient’s body and attack cancer cells.
Radiation therapy: In this therapy, certain energy rays are used to target and kill cancerous cells. 
Surgery: This treatment takes out tumors from the stomach lining. Sometimes a part of the stomach is surgically removed. Total gastrectomy the whole stomach is surgically removed. 

Affordable and effective Cancer Cure Treatment is available at Guru Multispeciality Hospital, Madurai, India. The treatment at the hospital is pioneered by the skillful expertise of Dr. Balamurugan. The highly dedicated team of doctors and the paramedical staffs with a patient-friendly environment makes the hospital best among others. Highly sophisticated technologies are used in the laboratory and imaging wing. 

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