Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Fight Lung Cancer With Hormonal Therapy

Studies show that the number of patients suffering from lung cancer has increased in the recent years, many of them being smokers. But there are non-smokers involved in this category too. There are many reasons for it. The hormones are one among them and that is why hormonal therapy is gradually being a popular treatment.

Hormonal therapy for cancer in Madurai

Hormonal therapy


There are some hormones that promote the growth of cancer cells whereas some help in slowing down the growth of cancer. Hormone therapy involves medications that block the cancer cells from receiving the hormones they need. In such a therapy hormones can be added or prevented to curb the growth of cancer cells. The doctor usually combines Hormone therapy with other treatments to produce better results.


Hormone therapy for Lung Cancer


Recent studies and data show that the hormones play a vital role in lung cancer especially in female patients. Female hormones like estrogen and progesterone receptors have been found in lung cancer cell lines and in tumors too. Er, receptor β-estradiol has been found in tumors several times. Due to these developments, hormonal therapy is being suggested by doctors worldwide. An estrogen replacement therapy is an example of the hormone treatment that can be performed to restrict cancer growth. 

Recent developments show that women undergoing hormonal therapy show a better survival duration while combined estrogen and progesterone replacement therapy has brought in an even higher median survival rate. This applies to both the smoker and the non-smoker category.

Lung Cancer Treatment India

Cancer is definitely taking a toll on lives but the advent of technologies in medical science is bringing drastic changes by strengthening cancer treatments. And now the issue is about finding a comprehensive cancer care centre where you get systematic, efficient treatment at an affordable rate. 

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