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Pathology Test In Madurai,Cancer Diagnosis in India

Pathology is a main branch in medical science. This is a procedure, testing of human organs, body fluids, tissues etc in detail this testing helps to diagnose the disease. The word pathology is referred to the study of disease. We can diagnose the diseases by examine our body organs, fluids and tissue. Pathology is deals with the examination of tissues and cells under the microscope in order to arrive at diagnosis. When it comes to cancer, a pathological diagnosis is that indicates the presence or absence of cancer.

There are mainly three types of pathology 

  • Clinical pathology

  • Anatomical Pathology

  • General Pathology

-->  Clinical Pathology :

Analysis of blood, urine, Tissue and body fluids known as clinical pathology. This examine will helps to diagnose the diseases. after Examine clinics provide all the result based on the test.

--> Anatomical Pathology :

It is otherwise known as Anatomic pathology includes checking of surgically removed bodily specimens or whole body to diagnose the disease. It is a microscopic, macroscopic or molecular examination.

--> General Pathology  :

Combination of Anatomical pathology and clinical pathology is known as general pathology. That includes the examination of body fluids, tissues and organs etc.

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