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Be smart. Protect your skin… It’s a slogan. What does this title and the slogan tells you about?????

Yes, it’s that what you think. It’s all about skin cancer. And what is skin cancer??? it is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells arising in the squamous cells. It’s also called as Squamous cell carcinoma. Chronic exposure to sunlight is the main cause of squamous cell carcinoma in most cases. Basal cell skin cancers (basal cell carcinomas), Squamous cell skin cancers (squamous cell carcinomas) and Melanomas are the different types of skin cancer. The following are the preventive measures to avoid skin cancer:
  • Seek the shade.
  • Do not burn.
  • Avoid tanning and UV tanning.


In some cases, you can’t prevent this. In such situations you have to go on with the treatment. And Hospitals are charging huge amount for this. So a normal question arises for the common people. How we will get the treatment???? and You will get the solution for your question by walking into Guru Cancer Center. This center provides Skin Cancer Treatment in Madurai.


Guru cancer center  the famous centers for cancer in Tamil Nadu. It is located at the Madurai city. It has branches in Tuticorin, Ramanathapuram. The hospital has a intention of providing world-class cancer care to everyone and to help cancer patients achieve longer and better lives. Guru cancer center was established with the objective of making cancer treatment available for the common people.

Hospital is privileged to have the services of Dr Balamurugan and highly qualified other senior cancer surgeons trained in India and abroad. 

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Cancer Cure Without Side Effects

Guru Cancer Hospital is a 100 bedded hospital in which cancer patients are treated by multi modality treatment – Surgery, Chemotherapy, radiotherapy. After treatment some patients will suffer from treatment related complications (Side effects), especially in radiotherapy. In this hospital radiotherapy is given with specialized techniques with no / minimal side effects. This article explains about radiotherapy and its specialized techniques, how we cure the cancer without side effect.

Radiotherapy uses radiation to treat cancer. 40% of cancer patient undergo radiotherapy during the treatment. When radiotherapy is administered outside the body it is called external radiotherapy and when performed within the body, is called internal radiotherapy. LINAC or linear accelerator machines are used during external radiotherapy. The cancer cells are destroyed when the DNA within these abnormal cells are damaged with the help of radiation. The normal cells that get affected during this treatment repair themselves.


  • Conventional : Older technique to treat cancer, In which radiation kill the cancer cells and also damages the normal cells.
  • 3D- CRT : Upgrated technique radiation in which damage to normal cells will be minimal.
  • IMRT : Intense Modulated Radiation Therapy that uses linear accelerators to deliver regulated amounts of radiation to the tumour cells. IMRT is a conformal therapy engineered to radiate beams to fit into the area of the cancer. IMRT is a precise, safe and painless treatment modality that can administer precise quantities of radiation to specific areas within the tumour or on the tumour itself



At Guru Hospitals radiotherapy administered for each individual is planned separately with selective dosages of radiation targeted at the cancer cells and extremely low energy transmitted to the surrounding cells.

Continuous research in the ever-advancing field of radiotherapy has given way to some of the latest technologies in the form of the Elekta Synergy®. It is an integrated digital accelerator designed to adapt to a clinic’s unique workflow and provide utmost patient satisfaction as its ultimate objective.


  • Advanced delivery techniques can be supported 
  • Precise dosages with integrated control
  • Availability of high-quality digital modalities
  • Individualized patient care with conformance of every single dosage
  • Sophisticated in-built imaging tools
  • Elekta Synergy® enables clinicians to visualize the differentiations between normal tissue and tumorous areas and their activity between fractions. Soft tissue visualizations can be carried out with the 2D, 3D and 4D volumetric cone beams
  • Fully integrated multi-leaf collimator
  • 40 cm x 40 cm uninterrupted field size to redefine larger targets


Upgraded linear accelerator machine used for the purpose. The equipment is inbuilt with a multileaf collimator containing thin strips or leaves of lead that can move independently to form customized shapes that surround and radiate the treatment area with precision. As the machine moves around the patient, the lead leaves modulate themselves to create beams of radiation during the machine’s rotation. With this, the actual tumour receives a very high dosage of radiation while the normal healthy cells receive lower dosages.

Patient experiences decreased side-effects of IMRT and the treatment works effectively on the areas of the head and neck by carefully evading the salivary glands and spinal cord.


There are several steps to the IMRT treatment.
For the areas to be treated - a 360 deg. photo is taken with a CT scanner along with PET and MRI scans; dosage calculations are done along with a computer; the pattern of dissipation and strength of the dosage that synchronizes with the tumour shape is also assessed

Skin markings are made on the skin to clearly mark the areas of treatment.

For radiotherapy of the head and neck a plastic mould called a shell mask may be used to keep the treatment area still for greater accuracy of the treatment.

Consultants at Guru Hospitals will offer a comprehensive treatment plan and awareness about IMRT before administration of the treatment. Specific instructions are given to the patient undergoing IMRT.

Using this revolutionary technology Guru Hospitals delivers treatments with a confidence. Treatment schedules are well-planned with the usage of intelligent resources and effective technology. Their final goal is to deliver the best possible treatment to combat cancer. Visit Guru Hospitals for a complete diagnosis and accurate therapeutic inference of cancer.

Guru Hospitals provides the Best Cancer Treatment in Madurai without any side effects..

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