Friday, 20 June 2014

All about Breast Cancer

There is an urgent need to bring awareness and educate women in India- to seek the facts and assess the screening options available.Breast cancer is the cancer type that begins in the cells that make up the breasts. The breast cancer risk in India is that 1 in 28 women develop the disease during their lifetime.

Diagnosis include
  1. Breast MRI and ultrasound
  2. CT scan and Mammography
  3. PET scan


Some of the risk factors that lead to cancer are
  • Getting older and genetics
  • Dense breast tissue
  • Obesity
  • Hormone replacement therapy
 Breast Cancer

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The first symptom is usually a thickened tissue in the woman's breast or a lump. However other noticeable signs and symptoms of breast cancer are

  • A pain in armpits that is not related to woman’s menstrual cycle.
  • A rash around on the nipples.
  • An area of thickened tissue in a breast
  • Change in the shape and size of breast


     Why Guru Hospital for Cancer?

     Guru hospital located at Madurai, Tamil Nadu is an extensive center with state of the art technologies. It is one of the largest centers in Tamil Nadu supported by the most advanced technology to make cancer a manageable health condition. This center is one among the few centers doing laparoscopic oncology work. 

    Chairman of Guru multi speciality Hospital, Dr.S.G.Balamurugan is one of the leading surgical oncologist. He has been awarded as the best doctor award by Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R.Medical University for the services rendered by him in the medical field and cancer surgery.