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Radiation Therapy for Cancer in India

Radiation therapy is one of the common treatment or procedure that is carried out for cancer patient. Cancer is caused due to the development of unwanted cells or tumors in the body parts or organs. Radiation therapy is used for killing these cancerous cells.

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 Radiation Therapy for Cancer in India

What is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy is a treatment procedure which uses high energy radiation to kill cancer cells and to shrink tumors. The killing of cancer cells are carried out by creating charged particles inside the DNA to damage the DNA of the cell or by directly damaging the DNA. This therapy can damage cancer cells as well as normal cells, if not carried out carefully. So that radiation therapy should be carried out will atmost care and accuracy inorder to reduce the side effects.

 Effect of radiation theraphy

Why Radiation Therapy is Needed?
Radiation therapy is carried out to kill the cancer cells and thus to cure the cancer, but in some cases the need of radiation therapy is palliative intent. Palliative treatments are not given for curing the disease. These type of treatments are given to reduce the sufferings or pain caused due to cancer. So radiation therapy can be also given to patients as palliative intent.

How Radiation Therapy is carried out?
A Radiation treatment for a particular patient is planned by an oncologist through a treatment planning process. The treatment planning process begins by simulation. Simulation is done by detailed imaging to find out the location of the tumor an the surrounded normal areas. Detailed imaging is done through scans including Ultrasound scan, MRI scan, CT Scan etc..

After the simulation, the oncologist determine the area where the radiation should be applied, the total dosage of the radiation, the radiation that should be allowable for the normal cells around it and the safest path for delivering the radiation.

    How to Determine the Type of Therapy?
    The oncologist may prescribe a type of radiation therapy by considering some factors like
  • Cancer Type.
  • Cancer Size.
  • Location of Cancer in th body.
  • The amount of normal cells whcih are sensitive to radiation near to the cancer cells.
  • The travelling distance for the radiation to reach the effected part.
  • The medical history and general health of the patient.
  • Patient age and other conditions.
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