Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Cervical Cancer and its risk factors

Cancer that appears and spreads from the lower part of the uterus, i.e, from the cervix is popularly known as cervical cancer. Cervical cancers mostly start from the squamous cells. HPV or human papillomavirus is one of the major reasons behind cervical cancer. It is a group of 150 viruses and few of it may cause the growth of warts or papillomas. 

HPV virus and the symptoms of cervical cancer

This particular virus can spread from one person to the other through every kind of sexual activity since the virus transfers from the skin to skin contact. Mostly the HPV virus affects the skin area and not the internal organs.
The symptoms of cervical cancer may include uncertain bleeding after intercourse and menopause. Foul smelling vaginal watery discharge in between the periods is commonly found in women.

What are the risk factors for cervical cancer?

A risk factor is something that changes the chances of a particular disease. Following are the risk factors for cervical cancer:
  • Weak immunity system- The HIV virus reduces the human immunity system. So in women with HIV, the chances of developing cervical cancer are the highest. Apart from HIV drugs can also affect the immunity system. So women who take drugs and alcohols have a greater tendency to grow cancer cells.
  • Smoking- The tobacco by-products damage the DNA of the cervix cells, thereby it leads to cervical cancer.
  • Obesity- Women with obesity can develop adenocarcinoma in the cervix. This leads to the formation of cancer cells.
  • It has been found that women with multiple full-time pregnancies have a higher risk of developing cervical cancer.
  • The sexual habits of a woman can increase the risk factor of cervical cancer. 

Where should you go for treatment?

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